“Don’t Make Me Laugh (While I’m Drinkin’)” received airplay in Texas, across the United States, and in 17 foreign countries.  In it’s first month of release, “Don’t Make Me Laugh” tracked in at #12 on the Freeform American Roots (FAR) Chart.  We occupied the Americana Music Chart for several months and the top 30 of the Roots Country Chart for 13 consecutive weeks through the summer of 2003.  

Reviews and Feedback:

“Classic Texas honky-tonk and western swing.  Lost John Casner's music is the aural equivalent of Jameson's whiskey -- smooth, warm, and conducive to good feelings.  If anyone out there needs a primer course in Texas swing, you've got it right here.” - Jud Block, Rockzillaworld

“Lost John Casner has a great CD here.  Country music could use a few more Lost Johns.”   - Waco Odie, Miss Lana’s Texicana Music Central

“Casner magically provides a true bucket of blood experience without you having to actually (mess) with cedar choppers.” - John Conquest, 3rd Coast Music

“Four Stars.  A very engaging record full of terrific honky-tonk and western swing.”  - Bill Groll, Austin Americana & TwangCast

“Casner has a warm, soothing voice with amazing range, that perfectly emotes everything from heartache to joy and everything in-between, giving a real authenticity to the songs and his music.“ - AnnMarie Harrington, Take Country Back

“Full of excellent traditional country music.” -  Mathias Andrieu, NSEO Radio, Paris, France

“Casner writes like a man who has lived it all and loved every minute of it.  More importantly, on this worthwhile outing, he sounds the part, too.” - Ken Burke, Country Standard Time

“You’ve got a good one on your hands.” - Thomas Greener, KVMR Radio, Rocklin, CA

“As close as you can get to the real honky-tonk experience without the smoke.”  - Jerry Renshaw, Austin Chronicle

“Great Stuff for my program.” - Alex Pijnen, BRTO Radio, Holland

“So good Honky Tonk Music.  Exactly the kind of music I like to broadcast.  Perfectly reflects Texas Culture.” - Mike Penard, ISA Radio, Pont de Beauvoisin, France

“SUPERB CD...I really enjoyed it!!!!” - Gerd Stassen, Radio “EMS-VECHTE-ELLE,” Germany

“GREAT TUNES…..”  Lars Lindberg, MCWC Radio, Mora, Sweden

“If you want authentic Texas twang, Lost John Casner is about as real as it gets!  Lost John’s new album will have you looking for a dance floor and a partner.”  Ken St. John, Twangdemonium

“Great music and beautiful songs.  Damned good.”  Raymond Swennen, Radio ATL, Bree, Belgium

The Players:  Johnny Gimble on Fiddle and Mandolin, Boomer Norman on guitar, Bobby Snell on steel guitar, J.C. George and Frank Campbell on bass, Timmy Campbell and Cephas Wozencraft on drums and George Ensle, Mandy Mercier, Beth Galiger, Michael Heil and Ron Nottebart on backing vocals.  (What a great group of people and players, Thanks!)


“Don’t Make Me Laugh”

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